DSC_0022Binsar is located close to Almora town in Uttarakhand, India. It is 33 Km north of Almora. Binsar was established into a wildlife sanctuary in 1988 for the conservation and protection of the shrinking broad leaf oak forests of the Central Himalayan region.
The sanctuary is spread over 45.59 sq. km. and situated at an altitude of varying 900 to 2500 (3000 ft – 8200 ft) meters above sea level and is home to over 200 different species of birds.
Binsar still is quite unexplored unlike most of hill-stations which usually get surrounded during the peak seasons.

Seasons in Binsar

Weather in Binsar is very pleasant throughout the year, with sub-tropical climate. Main seasons are Winter, Summer and Monsoon. Summers are mild and moderate, through during the day the sun can be harsh being up in the mountains. Winters are cold; clear and bright days the warmth of the sun is welcoming.

Summer months: April; May & June During these months, the temperature rises to an average of 30-32 degrees and minimum temperature of around 12-15 degrees.

Winter months: October, November, December, January & February. There are days when one can feel very cold. The average max temperature is 22 – 24 degrees and minimum to 0 degrees.

Monsoon months: July, August & September Rainfall is moderate making the weather pleasant and the mountains & valley absolutely green