If you are driving from Delhi, use your Google navigation however we also urge you to use the below for reference and it will help you reach Mir Bahay without any hindrance.

Detailed route: 

Kathgodam -> Bhimtal ->Bhowali -> Almora

After crossing Bhowali – you will hit a petrol pump at Bhowali. 

Keep driving further to cross ‘Kainchi Dhaam’ ; ‘Khairna’. 

At Khairna there’s a bridge (left turn) is going towards Ranikhet – For Almora keep driving straight all the way till you hit a place called – “KWARAB”

At Kwarab take the left onto the bridge. Cross the bridge to proceed to Almora. (This is all climbing with winding roads.) 

Keep driving for approx. 8-10km till you reach the first fork section (One road going down, other going up); follow the road going up for another 1km till you hit the next fork (one going left, the other going right) – take leftThis will lead you straight to Almora market. (For landmark you will cross All India Radio; A new mall being constructed; Almora University etc.)

Keep going all the way through the market – crossing 2 petrol pumps (on the left). After the 2nd petrol pump, adjoining is Hotel Shikhar. (Fork Turn) Take the road going down (left), and keep going for a kilometer and half until you hit another fork section. At this section, you would take the road going up, that is keep right

You will drive on this road for 2km until you will hit a section again. (At this section, you will see a road going left, and the other U bend right). Take the road going Left. This section is also called "Shail Bend" (name for reference) 

This is the last section to our place. Drive for approx. 6-7KM till you will see a village name signboard (green color signboard) on the left side of the road called ‘Sundarpur’; just as you cross the signage board there's a road bending U-turn left. Take the U turn left, drive for 300m and you will reach Mir Bahay.


First fork section: Take right/Go uphill
Second Fork Section:  Take Left
Third Fork Section: Take Left/Go downhill
Fourth Fork Section: Take Right/ Go uphill
Fifth Fork Section: Take Left
Sixth Fork Section: Take U turn left/go downhill. 

Road Route from Delhi - Mir Bahay

Road Route from Delhi - Mir Bahay

Mir Bahay: Find your adventure

Mir Bahay: Find your adventure